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In 2017 I came into possession of Minor White’s personal enlarger through my undergraduate photography professor, which accelerated a deeper research into White’s life. Using the search photographs by location function of Princeton’s online Minor White archive I began to visit various locations around New England (where I was living) and Rochester, NY (my hometown) where he had made images. Shooting with black and white film in a similar style I would go home to print my images on his enlarger. Eventually using different materials and forms to explore other aspects of his life such as ritual, meditation, the I Ching, and his relationships with other photographers. To a Fellow Searcher... opens to a picture of Minor White’s gravestone, which says “All the way to heaven is heaven, for he said I am the Way.” In many ways this quote sums up my research into the life of Minor White. I had similar existential questions, and like him attempted to answer them through a ritualistic approach to photography, only to discover the search was more interesting than the answers. 

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